break. broken. and a short list of things that help the mending.

"things that break. things that get broken."

  1. freezers. (and air conditioners. and dishwashers. and ovens. and the sink plumbing.)
  2. bones.
  3. dishes. slipped from the hand while walking or washing, thrown against the wall or brick, tumbled off the table.
  4. the chain of my necklace, and the the silver discs that scattered all over the floor.
  5. shells. or walls. or any kind of construct made to keep things out, that you put over yourself a long time ago, mistaking it for safety. and then your break it. and it’s not the end of the world. it’s more like the beginning of everything.
  6. computers. phones. ipods.
  7. shoe heels, and straps, and laces.
  8. vows. contracts. words. commitments. locks. combinations. safes. trust.
  9. pencils.
  10. the mind. psyche. something cracked, and everything feels dangerous then.
  11. communication, breaking down.
  12. the window. twice.
  13. sidewalks. streets. concrete.
  14. condoms.
  15. cars: tires, engines, windshield wipers.
  16. heat. after so much mugginess it was like the city being smothered. power going out, people sleeping out on decks and porches and fire escapes. and then the heat broke, and everyone could breathe again.
  17. contact lenses. eyeglasses. vision.
  18. relationships.
  19. glass.
  20. my spirit. thank god it fought back, and won.
  21. zippers.
  22. the vitamix. the shower curtain pole. the closet top shelf.
  23. diets.
  24. hearts. other peoples. my own.
  25. the car key, in the passenger side door, broken off, stuck forever in the lock. of the green car, that was my car, and then my sister’s car, and then broke beyond repair.
  26. my own record, of hours without talking.
  27. a chain, legacies, generations passed down. of violence, and secrets, and fear. and how it ends with you.
  28. laws.
  29. the camel’s back.
  30. trashbags.
  31. trees, when lightning strikes, the trunk split down the middle.
  32. the way the mental fog breaks, sometimes after a good night’s sleep or by going and doing other things, and then the insight comes.
  33. the way that life just happens, in every direction, and all of it can break you wide open.