kinds of love

"kinds of love"

  1. i will drive out and find you love.
  2. you are my constant love.
  3. here, you can have the last piece of pie love.
  4. we are in this together love.
  5. easy love.
  6. willing to work for it love.
  7. young love.
  8. i will have my name on your living will and will go into the woods and out again and will never leave you love.
  9. maternal love.
  10. the love known that night, when you thought you could not be forgiven.
  11. smack you up the side of the head love.
  12. i don’t need anything from you, so i will just sit here with you and be soft landing love.
  13. the moment you were first born and she threw you onto my chest love.
  14. eternal love.
  15. passionate love.
  16. the sound of wild horses trampling the ground in your heart love.
  17. courageous love.
  18. knowing enough to know that this is not love, love.
  19. there is space enough to change and that is part of what makes things wonderful love.
  20. i will hold back your hair while you throw up all night, or lay in the dark with an ice pack to your head love.
  21. i will show up at your door love.
  22. truth pact love.
  23. blind love.
  24. clear sighted love.
  25. you will tell me if i am full of shit love.
  26. hold me until the hurt leaves love.
  27. because i choose to, because i choose you, love.
  28. first love.
  29. listening love.
  30. mother bear, i will rip your eyes out with my own fingers if you mess with someone i love, love.
  31. i love you enough to say no love.
  32. sister love.
  33. i would kill for you love.
  34. i would die for you love.
  35. i am my father’s daughter love.      
  36. i will spend 40 dollars for a rental car and take off two hours of work to show up at your swim observation at camp love.
  37. this is where I come from love.
  38. lying in the heat watching the fan spin love.
  39. written in the stars love.
  40. rooted in real life love.
  41. strong love.
  42. inescapable love.
  43. the love that does not leave.
  44. what’s is mine is yours love.
  45. go away for the weekend and sit at the bar in pajamas and talk about all the things and then watch movies in bed love.
  46. coming out of hiding love.
  47. storge, phileo, eros, agape love.
  48. if you need water, i’ll be your river love.
  49. i will fight for you love.
  50. a man’s best friend love.
  51. second chance love.
  52. nameless love.
  53. i could run away with you and never come back love.
  54. practical love.
  55. i'll come running to see you again love.
  56. i believe in you love.
  57. complete love.
  58. potion number 9 love
  59. wrap me in comfort love.
  60. come here to me love.
  61. mother mary love.
  62. hungry heart love.
  63. instead of always watching out love.
  64. the stuff dreams were made of love.
  65. after all is said and done love.
  66. blueberry bagels and twenty years and the best job we ever had love.
  67. keeper of memories love.
  68. coffee in bed the next morning love.
  69. white castle late at night after so much love, love.
  70. open road love.
  71. here, let me carry that for you for a while so you can rest love.
  72. surprise visits and lilac lotion love.
  73. how did I get so lucky love.
  74. don’t make me throw myself in these bushes love.
  75. i will sit quietly next to you while we stare at the wall and don’t say anything because that might be more than we could handle love.
  76. everything is going to be ok love.
  77. now that i’ve met you would you object to never seeing each other again love.
  78. if I knew heartbreak was coming, i would have set out running love.
  79. i’d do it anyways love.
  80. i will listen to you tell the stories again and again love.
  81. even after so many years, i am still curious because there is always more to know love.
  82. no assumptions love.
  83. kiss cinderella goodbye love.
  84. scars and stretch marks and bare faced love.
  85. when you weren’t looking and it came and found you love.
  86. through all my lifetimes love.
  87. showing up, just showing up because that is what we are here to do, love.
  88. someday I will tell you what i think you already know love.
  89. i love you. i love you. i love you.