kinds of books

"kinds of books"

  1. books that keep you up at night because you keep telling yourself, “just one more chapter. just the two more pages”, and then it is 3 o’clock in the morning and why stop now because you are nearly to the end and anyways, how could you sleep not knowing what comes next.
  2. old books, with worn pages and covers and creases.
  3. new books, waiting to be found.
  4. favorite books.
  5. books that you still think about, days and months and years after you read them.
  6. books to read. the pile of them, and how deciding which one to begin next is always a kind of curious game of chance and meant to be.
  7. books everyone else has read and is talking about, so i no longer feel like reading them. 
  8. books i’m really ok never reading or have read.
  9. books about faraway places and imaginary spaces.
  10. books for a rainy day, and a feather bed, and nowhere else to be.
  11. books you have read more than once, many times, and now you can recite passages from them from memory.
  12. books i wish i had written.
  13. books i could never write but thank god someone did.
  14. books highlighted and filled with notes in the margins. 
  15. books that everyone references but not many have ever actually read, even though they pretend otherwise.
  16. paperback, easy to carry books for the airplane, the subway, the bus.
  17. books that changed my life.
  18. books that you don’t understand why everyone else likes so much.
  19. books that you don’t know why the whole world hasn’t yet fallen in love with them.
  20. books from childhood that you still remember and when you go back and read them now, these years later, they are just as wonderful as you remembered.
  21. books that make you laugh out loud.
  22. books loaned and never returned.
  23. books that have memories of where and when you read them.
  24. books unfinished. life is too short, really, to keep reading when you just want to stop.
  25. books for reading on the beach, or in a hammock, a margarita close by.
  26. books that told my own story. and you never feel quite so alone after that.
  27. books that taught me me things i needed to know.
  28. books that change how you see the world.
  29. books that make you cry for the wonder of them.
  30. books to read in one sitting, swallowed whole.
  31. books to read slowly, each page a revelation.
  32. books you don't really understand, until a long time after you read them, and then something will happen in your life, and you'll think back and know, "oh. this. this is what that books was about. this is why i needed to have read it." 
  33. books to go back to, again and again and again.

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