“things my grandmother taught me”

  1. the virtues of red lipstick and strong coffee.
  2. how to win price is right, card sharks, pyramid, and wheel of fortune. and that sometimes a day on the couch watching game shows is time well spent.
  3. if  you are going to talk to god, consider the possibility that god will talk back.
  4. that i wanted to be a rockette when i grew up.
  5. how to be a fan. team pride is based upon passion, not performance. forget about being cool and give over to enthusiasm. decorated blankets, jerseys, sweatshirts, earrings, and can coolers all help set the mood. cheer loudly.
  6. that i was special.
  7. men should cook breakfast in the morning, and then wake you up with a kiss and coffee.
  8. when all else fails, order avon: fruit scented lip balms, too sweet perfume in glass bottles shaped like dolls and animals, compacts, shimmer powder, birth stone jewelry.
  9. that people all hurt in their own way, cracked and surviving and stitching things back together.  and that the world is beautiful.