"true stories"

  1. Margaret Bell, a bee keeper of 26 years, died in 1994. After the funeral, mourners heard a loud buzzing sound and then witnessed hundreds of bees come and settle on the corner of the street just opposite Margaret’s house. The bees stayed clustered there for an hour before flying away.
  2. Your heart weighs less than one pound. But it is made up almost entirely of muscle, strong enough to lift approximately 3000 pounds.
  3. The original running time of the movie “The Wizard of Oz” was 120 minutes. The film in its entirety has only been seen once.
  4. Every year, spring comes.
  5. Mark Twain claimed that “Tom Sawyer” was the first novel ever written on a typewriter.  He bought his first typewriter in 1874 and sold it twice, because it was “degrading my character.” Both times, the typewriter came back to him.
  6. It used to be believed that a woman’s uterus could move out of place and travel through her body. The wandering womb was claimed to be the source of medical pathologies in women, including hysteria.
  7. I used to believe that I was broken. It turns out, I was wrong.