think in ways you've never thought before

the mind can be the source of the most wonderful ideas, a kaleidoscope of inspiration, colors overlapping in all directions.
mine can also be a dangerous playground, with rusted chains and broken swings.
running certain stories and scripts on a loop, replaying again and again and making me and everyone around me a little bit crazy, bludgeoning me with ideas i once decided were truth.
then, it’s time for me to stop. to unlearn, so i can learn. to forget, so i can remember. 
because the ending is not yet know, and i can change the story anytime i want to.

“think in ways you’ve never thought before”

  1. think that at any moment, of any day, you could be walking down the street, taking a short cut through the alley, or passing by familiar store fronts, and see a door you have never noticed before, and when you walk inside, there in front of you is the thing that changes everything, a whole new world.
  2. think that maybe it is true, that you don't have to burry things in the backyard to keep them safe anymore. they are yours, and can't be taken.
  3. that there is enough. that if you spend it all, giving everything you have, on what is here, right now, a kind of abandon, there will be more tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.
  4. that all the maps were wrong.
  5. that maybe cinderella took off her glass slipper because she didn’t want to wear uncomfortable shoes anymore, or sleeping beauty just decided to take a nap because she was tired. or persephone made a choice, not victim, because something in her was hungry for the underworld. or what pandora found when she opened the box was nothing like anything that has ever been written, and she didn’t feel sorry about it, ever.
  6. think that the universe, it’s merciful. that something, that will remain forever nameless, is indifferent and still somehow benevolent.  that nothing is important, and everything matters.
  7. that you are not her, or him. that you don’t really know, what’s it like to be her, in her reality.
  8. think that chalk drawings could be jumped inside. that you could click your heels and go home, whenever you want, the answer in you all along.
  9. that the person you have spent so much time disagreeing with could be the one who shows you the way.
  10. think that what you always assumed was backwards, back doors, was in fact the front. that everything can be turned around. or upside down. that direction is not static.
  11. that the weight of all the problems does not always rest on you. you are not so important. and that all of this, this whole world, is here and was made for you.
  12. that even if they never understand, it is still ok.
  13. that you could be understood, without saying a word.
  14. think that the tree you once climbed as a child, knew as shelter and adventure cry, that it was once planted by someone who didn’t know you, but still, in some way, placed the seed in the ground for you.
  15. that the thing you spent years running from, will become your closest companion and kindest teacher.
  16. think that you could cancel all the plans. and stay home dancing in your living room alone, and sweep the floors, and watch shadows change patterns on the wall. and you, and the world, would be better for it.
  17. that just because “this”, the thing or way or system, is the way it’s always been done, doesn’t mean you have to do it that way. now. or ever.
  18. think that just because you survived, does not make you guilty for the others who did not.
  19. that the reoccurring dream could come to completion by another. and the imaginary friend you prayed to in childhood turned out to be real, and you found one another. and you would never be all the way alone again.
  20. think that if you had x-rays done, the slides up on the light board, black and white and gray, would show a tiger in your ribcage, hieroglyphics on your pelvis, an unknown language running up your spine, lilacs tumbling out clavicle.
  21. think that children could be teachers. and words used as weapons could be walked away from. and you could wake up in the morning and find an entire opera or mathematical formula or cookbook had come to you in your sleep. and who you once were would not feel abandoned or threatened, but just be happy, for who you have become.