i got a permanent wave (hair perm) when i was almost thirteen. 

for a long time, it was all i wanted. wanted in that needy,
my life will be complete only if i get this, kind of way.

and so, my grandmother talked my mom into it, and paid for me to go to the hair salon. for my birthday, i got a perm. 
the dizzying smell of chemicals, scalp burning during the wait.
a frizzy wild mess of long hair, which i teased even bigger, and adored.
it was the 80's, so what else can i say? the hair perm. it was horrible, and amazing, and not so very permanent. 

very little lasts for even one lifetime. including things i would have sworn would be some kind of forever.
on a good day, this makes me love what is here, not because it lasts,
but because it was never meant to.